Create your smart habits

by applying science-backed coaching process
Most people get demotivated trying to build workout, clean-eating, or study habits because they don't know how to do it right.
Unhappy with existing habits, and routines that hold you back?
Embarrassed to tell friends that you can't hold your own promises to create good habits?
Afraid to commit to a healthier lifestyle as you don't know how to stick to what is right for you?
Worried about not being able to overcome bad habits that sabotage your wellbeing?
Demotivated by the lack of time or knowledge to make lasting changes?
Tired of motivational "how-to" books, and habit trackers that don't work?
Unsure if habits can really be created on-demand?
By applying a science-backed process, I design personalized habits for you. New habits will help you enjoy freedom from motivation drops and willpower struggle so you can be proud of habitually doing the right things.
Eliminate guesswork
Easily establish habits for difficult tasks like working out, eating healthy or studying consistently
Build lasting habits that take care of you, your goals and add hours back into your life
Explore your brain potentials, and learn how to leverage them in building smart habits
Become unstoppable in overcoming resistance to change
Custom design your new smart habits
Use your existing everyday routine to build it your new habits
You need help of a habit designer who applies insights from behavioral science and psychology to custom design your habits
Did you know?
of the time
Our actions are habitual and performed without conscious thought
All the time
Our brain creates habits to save energy
On demand
Habits can be created using a science-backed system
Over the last 4 years, I've successfully helped hundreds of people to design and build lasting habits.

That's why over 90% of my business is a referral
Your weight is a lagging measure of your eating habits. Your knowledge is a lagging measure of your learning habits. Your clutter is a lagging measure of your cleaning habits. You get what you repeat.
James Clear, author "Atomic Habits"
I love to see my clients thrive
Julia B.
I had an unusual request. Over the course of a month, I had to prepare for a foreign language exam. I had zero time to study and no prior knowledge of the language. With Anya's coaching, we were able to design a study habit, so I was able to study daily despite my lack of time. Fast forward a month and I passed the test with honors.
Luiza B.
Working with Anna gave me lots of insights about myself, my fears, and concerns. She helped me realize that I was not particularly living my motto: "Better regret what you've done than what you haven't" (Paul Arden) and helped me get moving from my stalling point. I found out about the tricks our brain plays with us in order for us to stay in our comfort zone and blocking us from making progress. I would love to work with Anna again in the future.
Penelope T.B.
As part of the coaching process, we discussed retirement and how my husband and I can stay active, both physically and mentally during the next stage of our lives. Anya is passionate about ways she can help her clients keep up with the aging process and provided great strategies for us to follow.
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